DANGER! Be Careful To Use The Free WIFI.

This is a personal experience, but also relatively rare to find! – individual free WIFI is really dangerous.
First of all, the first simple talk about under the theory – because previously engaged in professional computer network maintenance, has seen a lot of local area network spread virus program. The mobile phone and the computer are in the same local area network in the WIFI connection, and it is easy to spread the virus program.
If there is a computer in the LAN is poisoning, or have an ulterior motive of people are using the virus program. Then we scored in the free WIFI is dangerous, a simple ARP can deceive you, not to mention the CCTV program testing professional hacking program — as long as connected with poison WIFI, Alipay mobile phone online banking etc. personal information is at a glance.
Today I met this with poison WIFI, listen to my careful analysis is how to find:
This is a gift of fast food restaurants post the password free WIFI network: free, traffic and more, long time using the same password does not change, how many guests use this network of Alipay to pay for meals.
And do not say at the people who have an ulterior motive, as long as there is a computer poisoning are also likely to be the case here.
Today can be found with the virus WIFI, the site www.AAOAA.com played a key role in the prompt! Otherwise, it will not necessarily be aware of this WIFI network with virus.
Because although previous knowledge of local area network virus, but old thought that mobile phones are less toxic, even if WiFi connected nor how to attack, but also know how to be lucky old don ` t think there will be people spend the effort to spread the virus. Today found the wrong, the idea is outdated, and now the phone is connected to the free WIFI has a lot of people want to eat these free mobile phones made of chicken meat, people began to move, and even this kind of WIFI should be careful!
Today, even on this free WIFI, the habit of looking at the next station. — what????? Mobile phone open at the bottom to see the ads, I did not vote on the site advertising ah! Do I site was linked to horse, or is this morning with Baidu code links to porn ads?
To believe that things are strange, he opened another mobile phone to see my web site, there is also advertising! And at the bottom of the statistics code I did not use the 51.la. Two mobile phones are 51.la, you can rule out the Baidu code with the assumption of the ads.
It is it is linked to the horse? And then check – to open a friend’s website to try, he also has the same advertising, open QQ.COM see also have! Ok, ruled out my site was linked to horse suspicion.
The mobile phone poisoning? Two at the same time poisoning? Not too like, but still have to restart to see it, the restart is not normal, this time the basic can be determined to be caused by the WIFI virus.
The ban WLAN, open data, slow is slow, but this time no ads, two mobile phone will return to normal, determine the WIFI virus.
Check the statistical code, boy, I’m in Quanzhou, the virus disguised Fuzhou Internet IP WIFI. (from it to camouflage IP can be roughly guess is someone deliberately use the free WiFi to spread the virus to want to hacking, rather than ordinary a machine on the poisoning. The next time to see more, if this is always the case, do not rule out the notification network to see if the police come over
The analysis of virus principle: through the ARP deception gateway through the infected computer, the host and camouflage field IP connection to let the police can not find), through data hijacking and on access to each of the strong push pornography advertisements, induced to install virus program. And then someone does not know how to distinguish, loaded with the spring program to become a Virus broiler.
Think of that, to understand the point of network knowledge, know the most attractive advertising porn poison not easy to point. Otherwise, it is likely that your account information and even passwords and other privacy are known.
This paper is dedicated to the use of free WIFI you do not pay careful attention to analysis. Some free WIFI is waiting for your information. After that, I plan to write a program to check for free WIFI security or the article for your reference, please pay attention to my website update.

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