Newly Bought Succulent Plants Planted In The Company’S Products, Beautiful !

20 a few succulents bought from the Internet a few days ago (Succulent plants) today is arrived.  For the animal flower pots
After planting, the effect is immediate – company’s products huoling. Let’s look at it:种上多肉植物的金属工艺品MetalCraftsWithSucculentPlantsThe whole picture after planting↑, Details of a single product in the studio:↓昆虫铁艺多肉植物InsectMetalCraftsWithSucculentPlantInsectMetalCraftsWithSucculentPlant↑(How happy he was laughing.—— :)蜻蜓铁艺多肉植物DragonflyMetalCraftsWithSucculentPlantDragonflyMetalCraftsWithSucculentPlant↑(I can fly with take it—— ;)猫头鹰铁艺多肉植物OwlMetalCraftsWithSucculentPlantOwlMetalCraftsWithSucculentPlant↑(Look at my new haircut.——Bingo! ;)奶牛铁艺多肉植物CowMetalCraftsWithSucculentPlantsCowMetalCraftsWithSucculentPlants↑(We will have their own grass , haha ;)猫铁艺多肉植物CatMetalCraftsWithSucculentPlantsCatMetalCraftsWithSucculentPlants↑(I’m fat, but I can hold more of the tribute.——Meow ;)
MouseMetalCraftsWithSucculentPlant↓,The mouse in tribute to the cat。(Help me up!)老鼠铁艺多肉植物MouseMetalCraftsWithSucculentPlantIf you like Succulent plants, click the mouse craft ↑for loaded more,
Or you love animal, can mail to me, bring more small animal flower pots help to carry.

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