Disable mobile theme Wptouch for SEO, test qTranslate-x and enable Polylang multi language plugin

For fear of Wptouch mobile phone theme will affect the SEO, and the individual to show the items did not come out, is using the official theme has been automatically adapted to mobile phones, as well as to show the latest articles and other links, simply disable Wptouch.

At the same time trying to plug the qTranslate-x, but also good, feeling better than the Polylang translation. Although it has the shortcomings of disrupting the data source, but as long as you can follow the WordPress update should not be a problem. Now just do not know Google and Baidu these two search engine is not able to automatically recognize the corresponding language.

Just forgot to try the next WordPress Android mobile terminal will show how, wait and try the Polylang and qTranslate-x in the Android app contrast, then look at the choice of which.

2016-05-09 22:00 tested, WordPress Android does not support qTranslate-x, support Polylang. But Polylang did not translate the default background, the front desk seems to have a thorough translation is not completely, and then see if there is no solution. I found the new Polylang after the first stops the default language, this is very important. Before the default language is not the first to add the default language to make a mistake before running to test qTranslate-x, and now still more research under the Polylang.

2016-05-10 13:13 last night test Polylang, although now there are background can not automatically switch between English, and site title switch is not completely, but it does not to the original article and markup language, this is very good, now is the first such use, because background or their main in effect is not big, after it upgraded see will support better. Android is in Chinese cn_Zh, can only see the Chinese article, this is fine, does not touch the English article, at least not like qTranslate-x that update the Chinese will not update the English. This Pekah markup language is terrible.

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