When people work with one mind, they can even remove Mount Taishan.

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People Qi Taishan move, interpretation: as long as the people’s heart to a joint effort, will be able to move Taishan. Metaphor as long as we are bent on, can play a great power.
In order to better understand what I would like to elaborate on the “Taishan move”, it is recommended that we first look at the science and education film “Human Planet” and funny science fiction “Johnny Express” (the article finally with video).
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For example: let us think about “split brick qigong”, and “the founding of new China” is the result of the people Qi Taishan move……. Well, these two examples from the micro and macro point of view two from the perspective of the “people Qi Taishan move”. Don’t rush me, explain……
The original from [www.AAOAA.com] – http://www.aaoaa.com/203
劈砖神掌pizhuanExample①: “split brick qigong” why only using a hand to be able to disconnect the hard bricks, play so great power, is practicing Qigong calmly, first to develop with hand split brick the clear goal, and then with a call for awareness mobilize body within the various competent cells converge to the palm (Qigong luck), because the body has a brick was going and palm positive duel. Through a lot of in vivo to mobilize the luck, in various competent cells (many times before practice has than ordinary people’s fierce cells) do enough preparation, with “ah” sound total command of, each cell resolutely resist palm and the bricks of head-on collisions generated reaction, although at the expense of small amount to palm and bricks a head-on conflict with few cells Yong soil, but the hearts and minds of the cells in the body have Qi is ultimately split than single cell hard tens of millions of times of bricks, played a great strength. – this can be used as “split brick qigong” scientific explanation, as long as you have a better physique, find a can the static under heart, after many painstaking practice luck, according to my — described above the “Heart Qi Tai shift” luck theory method, you can self-taught tempered “split brick God palm”, but in reality environment and can the static under heart of luck is less. But understand this theory, we should know, people should calm down and this is conducive to every cell in the body of the “heart” to “remove the mountain” — to all wishes come true.

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“Johnny Express”

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