Ceramics capital of the world-Dehua

Dehua is one of the three ceramic ancient capital in China,Dehua has a long history of made porcelain,good quality, high annual output value and export volume, was awarded the “Ceramics capital of the world” title.

Dehua white porcelain have the hight density;Crystal Creamy like jade;Various shapes & Hight-White glaze.Was awarded “ivory white”, “lard white” and “white goose”, “white onion root” and etc title,Also known as Chinese white (DE CHINE BLANC) by the French.
Its unique style,Occupies an important position in the history of the development of Chinese ceramics,The “Oriental Art” reputation in the world.

Since ancient times, there is the habit of drinking tea in China,
Therefore,Dehua people make the high-grade white porcelain to tea set,And We are the manufacturer of the high-grade white porcelain tea set,The following white porcelain tea set is a more unique one,
Can enhance the quality of home and office reception,
Also can be used as gifts to friends and family more significant grades,
A friend in need may wish to collect:

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